Sod Delivery

Big rolls delivery

From a few pallets to a semi load

We offer delivery to many surrounding locations of Wichita, Lawrence and Kansas City. Delivery is available from a few pallets to an entire semi load. Sod Delivery not available for homeowners in KC/Lawrance area. Call Pine Landscaping at 785-843-6949 for pricing and orders.

Through the use of a “Donkey” our delivery drivers have the ability to place the pallets of sod in desirable spots throughout your yard. A “Donkey” is a specially designed forklift engineered to travel on the back of our delivery trucks. All that is required is an entry-way of 9 feet or greater and dry ground.

Sod Shop requires a minimum of 1 pallet with additional quantities ordered in full pallet increments. Sod orders must be placed no later than 3 pm the business day prior to allow us to have your sod when you need it.

Sod dimensions and maximum truck load as follows

Sod Dimensions Sq. Yards Yards/Pallet Pallets-rolls/tr Yards/Truck
1 yard small rolls – Wichita 2′ x 4.5′ 1 50 20 pallets 1000
1 yard small rolls – Lawrence/KS 2′ x 4.5′ 1 50 20 pallets 1000
35 yard big rolls 3.5′ x 90′ 35 28 big rolls 980

Wichita area call 316-838-5888 for specific delivery fees, Lawrence/Kansas City Area call 913-814-0044.

Sod installation and delivery