Landscaping Supplies

What we offer

We carry a large variety of landscape materials that can be picked up in your own truck or delivered to your location. Any material may be purchased in 1 Cubic Yard Super Sacks for a small additional fee. This allows multiple types of bulk materials to be delivered with only 1 delivery fee. These super sacks can be placed at your specific location* instead of being dumped on your driveway.

* location must be accessible by our donkey and the Sod Shop is not responsible for damage to existing yard if homeowners request placing product in areas where hard service drive is not available.

If you are unsure of the type of product that is right for you, we have small product displays set up around our building to help you choose.

  • Mulch

    Aromatic Cedar, California Redwood, Chocolate, Gold and Red Mulch

  • Construction Materials

    Blue Chat, Sand, and Topsoil

  • Landscaping Rock

    Ark City River Rock, Small & Large Egg Rock, Red Cherokee River Rock and Small & Large Pea Gravel

  • Landscape Rock

    1 cubic yard weighs approximately 3000-3,200 lbs

  • Mulch

    Weighs approximately 600-700 lbs

  • 1 Cubic Yard

    Will cover an area approximately 162 sq. feet at 2″ deep